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No Pets as Presents - Say not to Easter Bunnies

Did you know a lot of bunnies that end up in a shelter or rescue were once an Easter Gift? Many people think that bunnies are cute and cuddly and make a great “first easy pet” to teach responsibility, because they “don’t live that long”. Along with that and the “Easter Bunny” this next month might seem like a good time to get a bunny as a present for someone.

Well the truth is rabbits are cute. But the rest of that statement above is just hop-a-long wrong. Rabbits might be cute and eventually might become cuddly, but due to their prey animal instincts they start off very scared of humans. So, it takes time and proper treats to get them to become “cuddly” or at least what rabbits believe to be cuddly. Along with the time it takes to win them over, they have a very important diet of proper fresh vegetables, unlimited hay, and limited bunny pellets. So, we would say they are far from “easy” to teach responsibility. Which brings us to the last point, did you know rabbits can live 7 to 10 years+? That’s right, rabbits can live more than a decade with the proper care. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes 10 years doesn’t seem long enough with a beloved pet, but if you aren’t ready for the commitment, 10 years can seem forever.

Don’t let any of this scare you to not get a bunny, we just ask that like any pet, you do some research on their care before getting one. Head over to to learn more about their diet, exercise needs, vet care (that’s right they should go to a qualified vet like any other pet), and more! Then if and when you are ready for a bunny make sure you adopt from us or another rescue like Bunny Brigade. There are a few reasons to adopt and not shop, but mainly it feels so good to adopt a once forgotten pet. Another reason is, they are already spayed and neutered (Which will save you a few hundred dollars in the surgery and helps you to bond with your new bunny).

If you are ready to adopt one of our beautiful animals, head over to to start the process!

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