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Finding Forever since 1957

With the help of our surrounding community we educate about animal welfare, help find homes for the once abandoned and abused animals, and provide those without a voice the protection they need. 

Our Impact from January 1 to April 30, 2021

  • Animals Adopted


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  • Animals Transferred


  • Pets Returned Home


If you are thinking about a adopting a bunny, here is a great place to start to learn about their diet, the space they need, and veterinary care!

Together we can make a difference

Proudly serving Luzerne County for 64 years. We are grateful to be Your SPCA.

  • Freddie at New Home
    Freddie at New Home

    He was in the "cat room" at the SPCA for a year and very, very shy. I was sure he would hide in a closet and rarely be seen. That is not the case. He loves his brother, Jake. They are together a lot. He loves being petted and brushed. He loves getting treats. He loves window watching birds at the feeders." - Janet

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