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Lost & Found

Lost Pets


  • If you have lost a pet please follow these very important steps:
  • Call or visit the SPCA immediately 570-825-4111 or fill-out our online Lost/Found Report and include a photo of your pet.
    • Time is crucial – never hesitate to call us the moment you believe you have lost your pet.
    • If you get our voice mail leave a message with the best number at which to reach you. We will return your call.
  • Notify your neighbors, especially those who may not know you have a pet.
  • If you have lost a dog, please leave a message for the State Dog Warden at 570-836-2181.
  • Call your veterinarian and surrounding veterinarians in case your pet was found injured and taken to a local veterinarian for care.
  • Make signs with a picture if possible and post them at local businesses and throughout your neighborhood.
  • Contact the SPCA if and when your pet is found.


  • If you have found a pet, please call the SPCA immediately 570- 825-4111 with a description of the found pet or fill-out our online Lost/Found Report and include a photo of the animal found.  We may have already received a lost report on the animal.
  • Bring the lost pet to the SPCA to be scanned for a microchip.
  • Contact your surrounding veterinarians – they may know who the pet’s owner is. If you have found a dog, please also call the State Dog Warden at 570-836-2181 – he may have a lost report for the dog you have found.


Each year thousands of animals are lost and taken to local animal shelters.  Losing a pet is devastating and heartbreaking.  However, there are some very simple ways to help prevent the loss of a pet:

  • Make sure all pets are micro-chipped, even cats that are kept indoors.  If you move, make sure you update your chip’s information with your current address.
  • Have collars on all pets with a current id tag including your phone number.
  • Dogs are required to have a current county license.
  • Keep a current photo of your pet. If your pet becomes lost, you will be able to show people what your pet looks like.
  • Keep cats indoors, and never leave your dog outside unattended, even in a fenced yard.
  • Never leave a dog tethered outside unattended.  A dog can find a way to get off the tether, and could potentially injure himself or be injured by either a person or other animal.

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