Rally for the Reptiles

You may have seen the news clips from April 29th about the 116 neglected animals seized in Plymouth by our Humane Society Police Officers. There were 104 reptiles, 4 small animals, and 8 cats. While we cannot share the specifics, or even photos of this ongoing case, we would like you to know that they are now getting the needed food, medications, and proper environmental accommodations. With the help of other rescues this effort has been made possible, but we still desperately need your help.

We have raised $2,791.53 of our $5,000.00  goal.

Just the first veterinary examination for each reptile is $35. That amount does not include any medication, food, or necessary dietary supplements. We need $12 packs of gecko bowls, $20 packs of reptile food, $13 heat lamps, $35 bottles of disinfectant, $16 bags of supplements, and several misting kits costing up to $180 each. We estimate the initial care for these animals is going to be well over $5,000.

Humane cases like this are processed slowly through a busy court system. We absorb all the costs during this lengthy process. Unfortunately, large humane seizures happen all too often.  We are counting on you, our always loyal supporters, to help us offset this expense.

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If you make this a monthly donation, you are making sure every animal gets their much needed vaccinations.