Let's Help Humane

In honor of America's Golden Girl, the funds raised from the Betty White Challenge at the SPCA of Luzerne County will help purchase much needed equipment to help our Humane Society Police Officers bring justice to the voiceless. 

- "Maybe I learned it from my animal friends. Kindness and consideration of somebody besides yourself. I think that keeps you feeling young." Betty White

We have raised $11,670.00 of our $10,000.00  goal.

Update- On 1-17-2021 5:00 pm - Our supporters raised $9,305 leaving only $695 to a big $10,000 raised!!!!! To everyone who donated, Thank you for being a friend!

Update- 1-16-2021 11:13 AM - Our supporters hit our first goal! We are going to bump it up to $5,000. If we hit that, we will be able to upgrade more equipment for our Humane Society Police Officers!!!

As most of you know, our Humane Society Police Officers work tirelessly to help the abandoned, neglected, and far too often abused animals in our county. The officers need help with upgrading some of their equipment. So “Let’s Help Humane” by funding a large chest freezer, a new laptop, some cat traps, reusable respirators, and other small essentials necessary to charge and prosecute those who abuse animals in our county.

Save & Close

Large Chest Freezer -                $1,800

Laptop Computer -                     $1,500

Cat Traps -                                    $    400

Respirator, thermometers, etc - $    400

ORIGINAL GOAL                            $4,000

Extra Raised                                     $6,000

New Goal                                          $10,000

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If you make this a monthly donation, you are making sure every animal gets their much needed vaccinations.