Report A Lost/Found Animal

Whether you have lost or found an animal it is extremely important to fill-out a lost/found report.  It is the quickest way to ensure the safe return of the lost/found animal to it’s family.

Once a lost/found report is received at the shelter, we will notify you to review the information and ask any additional questions we may have.  It is very important that you let us know the best number to reach you at the day you are completing the form and what time is best to contact you.


Lost/Found Report
Please fill-out this form if you have lost/found an animal. Be sure to fill-out all required information.
Please give street name/number, city, municipality, and any landmarks near where the animal was lost or found.
It is important to include the type of breeds you believe the animal is. For example: German shepherd, pit bull, beagle mix
Please indicate color, details and any additional information
Please include any additional information:
Max file size is 8 MB.